Giiyong Festival 2018, at Jigamy

Our History


Twofold Aboriginal Corporation (TAC) became incorporated in 1979, and was created as a not for profit organisation to enhance the living conditions of the Aboriginal people of the Twofold Bay region. 


Possession of Jigamy Farm was granted in the early 80’s by the Aboriginal Development Commission to assist with the creation of training and employment opportunities for the local Aboriginal Community.

The property was initially developed into a strawberry farm enterprise. A manager’s house was later constructed along with oyster processing sheds.

The Multi-purpose building was constructed, using local Aboriginal building trainees, to provide a home for the Women’s Group who needed a secure meeting place.  Art & craft, Activities for Elders, educational programs such as TAFE outreach, Cooking & Hospitality Courses and a Day care Centre for Aboriginal children were made available to the local community. This building now houses the TAC office where all of its current activities are based.

Various training and employment programs have been run for many years at the farm. TAC aims to continue to enhance Jigamy Farm and maximise its use for the benefit the local Aboriginal Community.

To fulfil our mission, TAC undertakes a number of activities:
Social Housing

TAC currently has 10 three and four bedroom houses that are available for rent to Aboriginal community members who are low income earners. These houses are available at below market rent for this purpose.

TAC aims to review housing needs of the Aboriginal community and increase the numbers and types of accommodation available over time to meet these needs.

Aged & Disability Care

TAC has funding agreements to provide aged and disability care under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and the Commonwealth HCP program.

TAC aims to continue operating these programs well into the future to service the needs of the community in a culturally appropriate manner.

Management of Jigamy Farm

Jigamy farm has had many uses over time and is currently used for the following activities:

  • TAC management office

  • The Keeping Place including ELALC office and archives

  • Camping

  • AJN Oysters

  • Woodwork & Art Studios

  • Community Garden


TAC undertakes business activities in order to generate income and provide potential employment for local Aboriginal people. These activities include:

  • Shed rental in Government Road Eden

  • Mattress recycling

  • Building and Construction through Mundabaa Constructions

Employment Opportunities

TAC is an employer of Aboriginal people through its own activities and business interests. We aim to increase employment opportunities within the organisation over time.

We also aim to improve employment opportunities for Aboriginal people by proactively encouraging employment through our suppliers and other businesses and trades people that undertake work on our behalf.​

Board Members

Wayne Cartwright - Director
Melissa Moore - Chair
Nathan Lygon - Vice chair
Neville Simpson - Director
Terry Hayes - Director
Dennis Arvidson - Director
Selina Cartwright - Secretary
Elvis Amair - Treasurer

Our staff members


CEO - Chris Bird
Business Manager - Sharyn Clifton
Program Manager – Alison Simpson
Mundabaa Constructions Manager - Drew Smeath
Finance Officer - Sarah Bedwell

Works Supervisors - Dennis Arvidson/ Peter Ahmat

Works Crew - Jacob Wighton, Daniel wicks, David Venables, Jason Thow, Steve O’Neil, Bobby Maher, Bronwyn Luff, Terry Hayes

Support Workers – Debbie Clulow, Melissa Cole, Gaylee Fiegert, Zenda Manton, Selina Cartwright
Trainees- Shane Moore, Keith Pickala, Claudia Halend

Meals On Wheels - Anna Allan

If you have any concerns about our services or would like to speak to someone about a complaint that you feel cannot be resolved by contacting us you can call:

Aged Care Complaints Scheme (freecall) 1800 550 552
National Aged Care Advocacy line (freecall) 1800 700 600

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PHONE: 02 6495 6343