For more than 40 years, Twofold Aboriginal Corporation has worked to reduce poverty in the Twofold Bay region and create a future for our children. We are based on the southern NSW coast at Jigamy Farm in the beautiful land of the Yuin Nation. Twofold is a Not-For-Profit and a 100% Aboriginal-owned corporation, where Aboriginal community members both elect and fill the board. We always remain accountable to the people we work to help.
Twofold manages many initiatives, including community care, cultural learning and exchange, employability initiatives, and commercial ventures for financial sustainability. We invest resources strategically so that Aboriginal people can gain independence and ownership over their future.
We also work to share our rich history and culture and engage with our non-Aboriginal neighbours. Giiyong Festival was held in 2018 at Jigamy, which attracted 6000 people and was awarded a regional tourism Gold Award. Celebration of our culture helps Aboriginal people to heal from discrimination, erasure, and inter-generational trauma.
Recently, Twofold has established an internship program within the NSW Governor General’s office as well as a ground-breaking partnership with ANU. As we continue to grow, gain recognition, and kick goals for our community, one thing is for certain - watch this space.

Our Story

From little things big things grow.

These days Twofold has an influential and respected presence in our community. As we continually improve our programs or begin new projects, it is an exciting time to be involved. But how did it all begin?

Our Impact

Twofold's services and programs have an incredible impact in the lives of young and old in our community, and often for people who haven't felt that support in their life before.

Connection to culture, nutrition, employment, housing security, social contact, and much more - we work for real change, not just a handout.


Our Partnerships

Twofold nurtures key partnerships with a range of organisations. These allow us to continue to deliver critical programs and projects and expand our future operations.

Getting involved enables organisations to contribute to active reconciliation efforts and participate in valuable cultural exchange.