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Family words to play with.

Minga means mother. You say it without saying the 'g', so like singer only starting with a 'm'.

Banga means father. You say it like bunger, the firework.

Bibaana means sister. You say it like banana only starting with a bib.

Djaambi means brother or brother-in-law. You say it like jarm-bee.

Mudji means mate or friend. You say it like moodge-ee. Mudjilali means friends, the 'lali' at the end means more than one. You say it like moodge-ee-la-lee. Emphasize the first syllable moodge.

Gudjaaga means child. You say it like good-jar-ga. To say children you add 'lali' on the end so it becomes gudjaagalali. It's said good-jar-ga-la-lee. We emphasize the second syllable 'jar' to get the flow of this word.

Ngiiagaan means I or me and ngindigaan means you.

You say it like neye-a-garn and nindy-garn.

To say my or your you add guli to the end. This means it belongs to that word.

Ngiiagaan-guli means my. You say it neye-a-garn-gool-ee. Put the emphasis on the third syllable garn to get the flow. Same with ngindigaan-guli which means your.

Ngiiagaan-guli bibaana means my sister.

Ngindigaal-guli gudjaagalali means your children.

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