Our Story

Our story really begins tens of thousands of years ago...

The beginning

Twofold’s location at Jigamy Farm was the gateway for the ancient Bundian Way, the 365km route that provided safe passage from the sea to the mountains. For many millennia, our location by the sea was a significant camping ground for Aboriginal people.


Uncle Ossie Cruse, with the support of the Aboriginal Land Fund Commission, bought a 58 hectare property at Jigamy farm.


Twofold Aboriginal Corporation was incorporated under the Office of the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations as a not-for-profit organisation to enhance the living conditions of Aboriginal people in the Twofold Bay Region.


Jigamy farm was developed into a cauliflower, broccoli, Calabasas, and strawberry enterprise.


Charles Perkins, the renowned Aboriginal activist and former Secretary for the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, officially declared Twofold open.


Possession was finally granted by the Aboriginal Development Commission to assist with the creation of training and employment opportunities for the local Aboriginal Community.


A multipurpose building was constructed by Aboriginal people to provide a home for the women’s group, who needed a secure meeting place. This building later becomes the main office for the Twofold staff.


The provision of aged care services began. Twofold become the only Aboriginal-specific aged care service on the Far South Coast of NSW.


Many new buildings soon followed… The Aboriginal Culture Centre (‘The Keeping Place’), Art and Woodwork Studio, a commercial kitchen with restaurant space.


Twofold became the largest employer of Aboriginal People in the Twofold Bay region.


Mundabaa Constructions company was established, providing a new employment pathway in construction for local Aboriginal people.


Registered with the NDIS as the first Aboriginal disability care provider on the Far South Coast of NSW. Supporting Aboriginal people with a disability in the Bega Valley Shire to register as NDIS participants.


Giiyong Festival was held to outstanding success, attracting 6000 attendees and winning a gold regional tourism award.  By this point, Jigamy farm has developed into the ‘go to’ cultural and community centre for the Aboriginal community.


Twofold established key partnerships with the NSW Governor General and ANU, creating employment and skill development opportunities for staff and community members. Makenzee Russell becomes the first Aboriginal woman in history to have work experience in Government House, NSW. 


Mackenzee Russell at Governemt House, NSW.