Indigenous Employment

Twofold creates Indigenous employment opportunities so we can beat poverty in our community.

As Twofold grows, we can continue creating work through our expanding commercial and care services.


Twofold Bay Unemployment Rate

Twofold is the largest employer of Aboriginal people in the Twofold Bay region and has a majority Indigenous workforce

Being employed is empowering. As our workers gain experience and self-confidence, they pass on their skills to a new generation of apprentices and employees. Creating employment is how we make real, self-sustaining change.

Mundabaa Constructions

Mundabaa Constructions is the construction firm affiliated with Twofold, with a majority Indigenous work crew. Through Mundabaa, we hire and train people of our community to gain real skills and employment in construction.

“Mundabaa makes them feel like they can do it. Because half of them feel like they can’t make it. Look at me, I felt like I couldn’t make it and I’m here… giving it a go."

Shane Moore, Mundabaa Crew


Trainees and Apprentices

Youth are an important part of our impact on local employment. Twofold offers roles for office interns and construction apprentices, as well as running certified training programs, such as the Cert II in Construction.
 Through relationships with local schools, we also offer work experience for high school students. Staying connected in our community helps to raise awareness of all future work opportunities.