Culture Learning Programs

It is vital to remain connected to our culture, land and history. We draw upon the knowledge of our community to design cultural learning programs to preserve our culture and reach many different audiences.

Bush tucker guidance

Interactive School Programs

Professional cultural training

We call these programs “Healing through knowledge” because when our culture is understood, respected and celebrated, it helps us to heal from centuries of erasure, discrimination and inter-generational trauma.


There is so much power and pride in speaking our language, especially in a landscape that hasn’t heard it for a long time.Redeveloping our local language and teaching our community is vital to our empowerment and cultural identity.

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 “I’m an Aboriginal person and I can’t talk the language and it really hurts. You can feel it.”

Ossie Cruse, Twofold founding member and original 1979 board member

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Only 20 from an original 250 Aboriginal languages are still widely spoken. We preserve our language because it is critical to preserving our culture.


Jigamy farm has developed into the ‘go to’ cultural and community centre for the Aboriginal community. We play host to arts and cultural festivals to reach far and wide in the NSW Sapphire Coast. 


In collaboration with South East Arts, Twofold hosted the Giiyong Festival in 2018. 6000 people attended and had a fantastic day, the event won a gold regional tourism award, and every attendee left with greater appreciation and love for our culture.