Care Services (Aged, Disability, Social Support)

Twofold is not just a professional care provider - this is our community. We care for our clients with a belief in their wellbeing and quality of life and deliver person-centred care.

What is Person-Centred Care?

Our care prioritises freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making for our clients. We uphold and respect their legal and human rights, so they can always exercise informed choice and control.

Because Twofold is an Aboriginal corporation with Aboriginal workers, we can deliver culturally appropriate care. Clients are more likely to engage with our services and receive better care outcomes.

With low motor vehicle access in the local Aboriginal community, our care workers also help transport clients to access needed health services.

Community Housing

Homelessness and overcrowding are devastating for health and wellness in our community.  That's why Twofold manages a community housing program for the local Aboriginal people.

21 community houses managed (10 of them owned) for low-income earners

Scheduled and rapid response maintenance, renovations and home improvements by Mundabaa Constructions

10 solar panel systems installed in 2016 to lower utility costs

Ending home insecurity is one way we can break the hold of poverty in our community. We will continue working to increase the amount of accommodation available.

Food Delivery Program

Our Meals on Wheels Program ensures good nutrition and food accessibility for our aged care clients.


Our incredible cook Zenda prepares roughly 10,000 healthy meals a year! 

Home delivery

Social contact when delivering

Heavily subsidised by Twofold

All the meals are for vulnerable members of community who deserve our support. Good nutrition is critical for better health and wellness.