Our Future

Mundabaa Constructions

Mundabaa Constructions is the majority-Indigenous construction crew of Twofold Aboriginal Corporation, and the first ever Indigenous recipient of a building license in NSW. Operating since 2016, they are contracted for a variety of small and large-scale jobs, including the $40 million rebuild of the Eden Wharf. 


Mundabaa Constructions can be contracted for the following services:

  • House and unit construction

  • Bricklaying

  • Demolition

  • Drainage work

  • Demountable units construction

  • Fencing

  • Landscaping construction

  • Timberwork


All of the construction crew are professionally qualified, or progressing towards completing their apprenticeships.

The Mundabaa Construction crew is majority Indigenous. Working in Mundabaa helps Indigenous men and women to gain employment in a supportive and welcoming work environment, where the crew work together and for each other.


Indigenous people face many barriers to employment success, and Mundabaa not only provides key employability skills but also a strong sense of self-belief. Older workers are strong role models for the new apprentices and ensure commitment and dedication to the work.

Mundabaa employ workers from a range of ages and backgrounds, and recognise future potential rather than their backgrounds. We are continuing to establish employment pathways from local high schools, including established Cert II training programs.


Everyone in our community has such incredible potential. That's why we work to build our future.

“Mundabaa makes them feel like they can do it. Because half of them feel like they can’t make it. Look at me, I felt like I couldn’t make it and I’m here… giving it a go."

Shane Moore, Mundabaa Crew

Mundabaa contributes to the Twofold strategic aims and is an important element of the broader business:


Contribute to our community housing and care programs: maintaining houses, fixing yards etc.


Increase indigenous employment in the region.


Support strategic aims of training and providing employment pathway for local students.


Increase financial stability for Twofold through successful commercial projects.

Mundabaa workers also use their developed skills in their own time for positive impact in the community.

“Giving back to the community, that’s the main thing. Learning skills to work in your own house or work in your nan’s house, so we can step up and do it ourselves.”

Peter Ahmat, Mundabaa Supervisor