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Welcome to the Monaro Bubaraa Gadu Keeping Place: Celebrating the Heritage and Stories of the People of the Mountains and the Sea.

This is an Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council initiative.

Reactivating the archives. 


The Monaro Bubaraa Gadu Keeping Place was thrilled to announce the receipt of an annual grant from Create NSW under the 21/22 Organisation Funding round. This funding supported the establishment and activation of an Aboriginal archives manager position, a vital role dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of the People of the Mountains and the Sea.

The newly funded position oversaw the continued preservation of significant cultural items, documents, and oral histories. This initiative aligned with our commitment to safeguarding Aboriginal heritage and ensuring it is accessible for future generations. We were deeply grateful to Create NSW for recognising the importance of this project. The archives manager played a crucial role in not only protecting our cultural assets but also in making them available for educational and community engagement purposes. the grant supported the growth and sustainability of Aboriginal arts and culture in New South Wales. This funding enabled Monaro Bubaraa Gadu Keeping Place to enhance its cultural offerings and strengthen its role as a vital cultural hub for the community.


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This project is supported by the

NSW Government through Create NSW.

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