Long Term Goal

At Twofold we endeavor to meet current and future demands for housing and alleviate poverty within the Local Aboriginal Community.


Current Context


Whilst TAC has 10 houses for rent, there is a need to review the types of properties we own and whether changes need to be made so that accommodation available better reflects the current and future needs of the Community.

The existing houses were all purchased through ATSIC grants. ATSIC was closed down several years ago now so alternative avenues for growing the accommodation stock need to be sought.


Application has been made with the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) to become registered housing providers and build and grow our housing stock into the future as one potential option.

A recent valuation of the properties owned showed that we currently have substantial assets. Effort needs to be made to protect these assets so that their value is maintained.


Twofold Aboriginal Corporation is now a Registered Housing Provider


Work is commencing to determine future housing needs and to develop a business plan to meet those needs.

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